Sydney-based CEO Clubs of Australia is one of several chapters under the Chief Executive Officers Club International, Inc. (CEO Clubs International) umbrella. CEO Clubs International was founded in 1977 to create a nurturing environment for CEOs dedicated to improving the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experience and personal growth.

About CEO Clubs Australia

The CEO Club is the world's oldest and largest not-for-profit educational association for CEOs and entrepreneurs. Membership is by invitation only. There are over 5,000 members internationally who represent all areas of businesses, whether they be private, public, or family-owned. Members run businesses with an average of $20 million in annual sales. There are currently over 300 lifetime members. Members' companies must have annual sales of over $2 million, though, some exceptions may apply. Entrepreneurial Membership is open to everyone. It allows a person to sample the full CEO Clubs membership by attending one meeting annually of both the main club and the PAC.

Our Mission

The organisation's mission is to foster collaboration amongst CEOs who are dedicated to "paying it forward" by facilitating the growth of other CEOs' businesses on a global scale.

The CEO Club of Australia membership is comprised of a fellowship of international visionaries who have successfully grown companies of their own and who are driven to help others do the same.  We believe the utmost success results from a hands-on approach. Through CEO Club of Austrlia executives collaborate to plan, devise, and implement real-world strategies for fellow CEO members.

Fellowship, Resources, Results

Members share more than insight - they share their time, valuable connections, and resources necessary to help fellow CEOs realise measurable business growth on a global scale.  We accomplish this during regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year at the host CEO business locations and other destinations throughout Australia, Asia, and beyond.

Our affiliation with CEO Clubs International and its chapters in Asia, Europe, South Africa, and the United States also connects members with more than 15,000 executives and their resources worldwide.  As a member of CEO Clubs of Australia you can enjoy membership in all chapters of the CEO Clubs International organization.

Powerful Connections

Throughout their respective careers, CEO Clubs Australia founders Marie Diaz and Mark Galvan have fostered enduring relationships with leading executives in the Asia-Pacific region. CEO Clubs Australia members can utilize these powerful connections to facilitate business transactions in varied industries throughout Australia, China, India and beyond.

CEO Clubs Australia’s founders help top executives access the resources they need to expand their organisations into global markets. Through these valued connections, members can gain inside knowledge and inroads into regions previously beyond reach. It is our goal to connect our CEO membership with their peers at home and abroad.

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The CEO Clubs of Australia provides a confidential environment to meet socially and professionally with other success-minded CEOs.  If you are a CEO who leads an organisation with $2 million or above in revenue, contact us.  Membership is available by invitation only and you can choose the level of involvement that best suits your needs.  Visit the Apply Now page for details.

Don't waste time missing all these opportunities.  By joining now, you'll start connecting for even more success.

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